Company Capabilities

Our offering includes anything related to the oil and gas industry, from supply to service and consulting.

We are unique in providing a comprehensive range of solutions for the multiple application requirements of today’s industries, our experience in these industries allows us to have an in-depth understanding of your needs, providing a customer focused solution.

We offer additional levels of customer support, including renewal, replacement, or upgrading of equipment, with an unprecedented product and service offering to ensure total customer satisfaction.


Nova Petroleum is backed by 140 years of voluble oilfield equipment manufacturing knowhow, cost-effectiveness and supreme quality. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiries for a fast and courteous response.

The following is a sample list of products we can supply. If you have any other questions or inquiries please contact us at



Multistage Pumps Horizontal Pumps used for water injection, crude transfer etc.

Multistage Pumps Horizontal Pumps used for water injection, crude transfer etc.

Pump Jacks
Conventional Sucker Rod Pumps, Rods and Training Services. Turnkey solution.

Chemical Injection Skids, pneumatic pumps and electric. Solar powered option.

Water Treatment Media Filters for water filtration Systems, oil and grease removal as well as media less filters.

Flare Systems
Controls, towers, igniters and accessories. We can offer portable as well as permanent flare systems.

Hydraulic Pumps Unconventional pumping system, downhole pumps for artificial lift systems

We supply all types of commodity and specialized valves for your operations including control valves

Production Chemicals for the oilfield application, production and drilling and fire fighting foam

Best Chokes
Operating in a variety of pressures. All engineered in strict standards. Control valves (actuated)

Produced Water Treatment
Bulk Water Separation Technology and dynamic oil recovery systems

Sand Handling Solution, Four Phase Separators, Hydro-cyclones, Sand Transport

Gas/Liquid Separator
Gas Particle separation technologies to remove water and particles from gas streams with minimal pressure drop and maintenance

Process Technologies
All process technologies, including separators, heaters, treaters, crude dehydrations, crude desalting technologies

Multi-phase pumps
Pipeline booster pumps, multiphase pumps, progressive cavity pumps.

Drilling Solutions
NOV offers a wide variety of drilling equipment from drill bits, up to manufacturing drilling rigs. For all parts, services and training, contact us for more info.


The above is a brief list of technologies we offer, for more information please visit our website. NOV also offers the same technologies for both onshore and offshore applications.