Electrical Submersible Pumps – ESP and LESP


Conventional ESP Catalogue

Linear ESP Catalogue

An integral part of the NOVA petroleum Services is our Electric Submersible Pumping Systems. Today, NOVA petroleum Services offers a complete solution – not simply parts and components – to enhance production over the life of a well or field and improve our client’s system run-lives and overall profitability.
We take full responsibility for the entire job, as turnkey for the well design concept through commissioning. Our experienced personnel understand that there’s more to providing a finely tuned ESP completion than just excellent hardware. The NOVA petroleum Services ESP team will use its experience in design, engineering, installation and optimization to provide a full time ESP support structure, and ensure maximum returns from our clients’ investment.

NOVA petroleum Services will provide you the best field layout with affordable production system to produce more from your field for best production recovery from your field.

NOVA petroleum Services also operate technologically advanced ESP manufacturing, assembly and service facilities overseas, for downhole equipment, and combination of the best surface equipment from other part of the world and we integrate as system engineer to make sure all the equipment are functioning in the best performance possible. All of our offered products which are ISO 9001:2000 certified.

We offer conventional ESPs as well as – download the catalogue here.

Linear ESPs that can be installed in low volume wells or marginal wells that can produce as low as 5-280 barrels per day.

1. Reservoir Pressure maintenance
2. Salt water disposal and water flood
3. Crude Transfer Pump
4. Pipe line booster service
5. Testing service transfer
6. Mine dewatering pump
7. CO2 Booster pump
8. Power fluid booster for hydraulic lift system
9. Natural Gas Liquids Pump
10. Lean Amine circulation pump
11. Fracturing for coal bed Methane
12.  NGL Booster Pump 

Ask our Subsea horizontal pumping system details, a way you can save money and time for brown fields.