Production Solutions

Offering production life-cycle solutions for oil, water or gas issues

Oil, water or gas—if you produce it, pump it, lift it, move it, store it, process it, treat it or monitor it—we have the answers you need to meet your objectives.

We have the skills and expertise to guide you through every step of the production life cycle from completion and fracturing to enhanced recovery and remediation.

As your fields mature, the reservoir goes through varoius stages and the output changes. You may go from 90% oil production to 90-98% water production through the lifetime of your well. National Oilwell Varco has a wide array of technologies that could help you through this transition help you maximize your output and reduce the lost time in maintenance and cleanup.

Our standard process equipment with short delivery times of (6 weeks) can be used for your standard production needs. Just pick a design from the catalogue.

Our new 4 phase seperation technology with sand removal abilities can remove sand online without downtime nor lost production (run for a few minutes per day) and you can remove 4 tonnes of solid per hour with each of NOVs patented TORE technology installed inside your separators.

Some new technologies offered by NOVA Petroleum through National Oilwell Varco are:

– Produced Water Treatment Technologies

– Sand Cleaning Technologies

– Sand Removal Technologies (Online mechanical solutions with no downtime to your processing equipment)

– Reciprocating Multiplex Plunger Pumps & Parts

– Multistage Surface Pumps

– Tanks, Pressure Vessles and Flare Stacks

– Process Equipment (Mobile Separators, Heaters, Vertical & Horizontal Separators, Heaters, Free Water Knockouts, Gas Production Units – With As Low As 6 Weeks Delivery)

– Normal and Engineered Chokes

– Variety of Valves and more