Multistage Horizontal Pump – HPS

Nova’s Multistage Horizontal Pump is a cost effective, low maintenance solution for high volume, high pressure fluid movement.


Pumps, Thrust chamber, Intake, Discharge, control, instruments, Skid, and Motors.


Standard material of construction for the impeller and diffuser is ASTM A436,

Ni Resist Type 1 with high nickel iron, which gives excellent corrosion and erosion resistance properties.

For severe environments, optional Tungsten Carbide, radially Stabilized, and corrosion resistant pump materials, or hardening of components are available.

Due to the limited diameters, the lift or head developed by an individual stage is relatively low. This requires stages to be stacked together to meet the lift requirements for various applications. At each stage the rotating impeller adds velocity to the fluid stream by centrifugal force and tangential redirection at the impellers outside diameter. The stationary diffuser converts this high velocity energy to pressure as it redirects the flow to the next impeller. Diffusers also act as a bearing surface, providing additional stability to the pump shaft. (Master Chart)

Standard Shaft Materials is high strength K-500 Monel and it will be available on

17-4PH, Nitronic 50 or Inconel material.



Nova’s Unique Thrust chamber offering Improved most reliable in the industry, the pumps used for surface pumping on compression stage design with this arrangement all of the impellers are fixed to the pump shaft and act as a single body.

The thrust chamber rating is for 25,000 Lbs, with Intake Pressure of 2100 PSI, with availability of the intake Flange up to 12 Inches. Standard intake pressure is 150 PSI.

This design allows all of the thrust that is developed in the pump to be carried by an external bearing chamber, which during normal operation there should be no axial contact between the impellers and diffusers in the pump.


Discharge is a flange bolted to the pump head and sealed with O-rings.

Standard Discharge in ISO or ANSI flange are available in different custom sizes, 4″, 6 Inches up to 12 Inches up to 5000 PSI.


Steel I-Beam Base Plate, with pump supports, painted are as package of the Multistage Horizontal Pump. Each MHP is delivered to location with all components mounted and ready to Operate. No field alignment is necessary all components can easily be serviced on location.


The motors are three phase induction motor, typically two pole 3600 rpm, for low head applications 4 pole motors can be used. Motors are directly coupled to the thrust chamber.

The motor most often selected is a TEFC. Gas or diesel Drives are available. With a gas engine a 2:1 speed is required and accomplished with a Gear Box.


Switches and/or sight glasses provide monitoring functions for the unit. High Vibration Switch Ex-proof, Low Oil Level in Thrust Chamber Switch Ex-proof, Thrust Chamber Oil Temperature Switch/Gauge Ex-proof, Low Suction Pressure Switch/Gauge Ex-proof, High Discharge Pressure Switch/Gauge Ex-proof, Thrust Chamber Pressure Switch/Gauge Ex-proof.

  • Low Suction pressure, is used to shut down the system is suction pressure is lost.
  • Discharge high pressure, is used to prevent over pressure or a dead head condition.
  • Low flow can be used to prevent operation with out fluid or dead head.
  • Low oil level protects against thrust chamber oil loss.
  • Vibration is not intended as a diagnostic tool but to shut down if a major problem occurs.
  • Lubrication pressure, for high load applications with pressure lubricated thrust bearings, prevents loss of oil.
  • RTD’s shuts down the motor if winding or bearing temp rises to high
  • Tank level, used to control flow with a flow control valve or a VFD to maintain a tank level.
  • Variable speed controller, A motor controller that varies the frequency of the motor to change the operating speed.



Internal Polymer coating and tungsten carbide bearings are available on request to improve reliability of the pumps to prevent premature failure due to commonly problems like corrosion.


675 Series


Type Min.






Stages Max Pressure Max Shaft


675-7000 5500 6800 9000 53 4550 1250
675-9000 6000 8800 11500 53 4200 1250
675-12500 9000 11500 15500 48 4000 1250
675-19000 12500 19500 25000 44 2750 1250
675-27000 23500 28000 34500 40 2700 1250
675-35000 33500 40000 46000 32 2500 1250



538 Series


Type Min.






Stages Max Pressure Max Shaft


538-1600 1100 1550 2000 272 6000 1000
538-2000 1700 2200 2700 251 6000 1000
538-2800 2000 3000 4000 196 6000 1000
538-3400 2500 3500 4500 179 6000 1000
538-4000 3500 4500 5500 100 4000 1000
538-5200 3900 5250 6600 68 4000 1000
538-5600 4000 5750 7500 68 4000 1000
538-7000 5000 7000 9000 68 4000 1000
538-10000 7000 9500 12000 68 4000 1000

Contact us for more lists of the pumps.





Our Pumps are specifically engineered for the oil/Gas and Mining industries.

Produced water Injection, disposal and pressure maintenance

Pipeline Booster

Crude oil transfer

CO2 flood injection/booster

De watering Mines

Condensate transfer





Service to Clients- is our first objective

Minimum down time (Major components are Modules, which can be easily replaced on Location.

Soft start Electric Drive

Engine (Gas/Diesel) available on request

H2S Sour Pump available

Minimal routine maintenance requirement

Environmentally friendly, no leakage

Pulsation / Vibration free – Linear flow

Excellent Reliability

Local Maintenance option

API 610 Capable Alternatives






Nova, Strives in providing high quality, innovative, safe and environmentally sound solutions to our clients by the application of Higher technologies as well as strict quality management, superior engineering capabilities and expertise.


Nova, has been a leader in Horizontal system testing technology. High skilled experienced personnel produce the highest levels of product quality without sacrificing efficiency, capacity or cost effectiveness.


A detailed program of quality assurance and quality control meets or exceeds the rigorous demands of the petroleum industry.

An aggressive testing program is in place to ensure that our products meet API recommendation standard and specifications.