Completion Solutions

NOVA petroleum services has a broad based product offering of standard and extreme condition equipment, such as High Pressure Packers and Nipples, as well as high-end intelligent completion solution products that exceed the standard for today’s completion requirements.

NOVA Petroleum services offers production completion systems suited for most oil & gas well completion requirements including; intelligent completion systems, gas lift valves, rotating choking sleeves, fiber optic monitoring systems, wireless telemetry and more:

HP/HT Semi Permanent Gas Well Completion Packers, shift to release system.

Dual Zone Completion Packers, Hydraulic Set, Straight Pull to Release Systems.

Isolation Packers, Hydraulic Set, Shear to release systems, all size ranges available.

Permanent Packers, Hydraulic Set, Wireline Set, Work string Set Systems.

Multi Feed Thru Hydraulic Set Packers for Intelligent Completion Installations.

  • Sliding Sleeve Systems.
  • Profile Nipples.
  • Indexing Mule Shoes.
  • Hydro-Trip Subs.
  • Locater Seal Assembly.
  • Polished Bore Receptacles.
  • Seal Bore Extensions.
  • Snap Latch Systems.
  • Bridge Plugs.
  • Cement Retainers.
  • Flow Couplings.
  • Pup Joints.
  • Perforated Joints.
  • Crossovers
  • Control Lines (seamless, welded)
  • Hydraulic Control Line Units
  • Cross Coupling Clamps
  • Control Line Fittings and accessories

Some of the products we offer can be viewed using the “Tools & Systems” navigation bar on right hand side of this page and our other Equipment pages.

Intelligent Completions

NOVA Petroleum Services can provide wireless telemetry pressure temperature monitoring for both tubing conveyed completions and wireline installed systems.