Production Chemicals

Nova’s Production Chemical Group markets speciality chemicals and provide services to the oil and gas exploration industry. We supply chemicals including biocides, corrosion inhibitors, defoamers, emulsifiers, foamers, rig washes, scale inhibitors, hydrogen sulphide scavengers, formulated emulsion breakers, paraffin inhibitors ( including solvents and dispersants), and deoilers/water clarifiers.

We provide the field service, technical backup, including research chemists to solve any problem with the production of oil and gas.

o Drilling Fluids
o Mud/Cement Spacers
o Completion/ Work over Fluids
o Stimulation Fluids
o Enhanced Oil Recovery
o Water Treatment
o Oil Treatment
o Corrosion Control

Drilling Applications

o Completion/Work over fluid components (including diverting resins)
o Cleaners (including Rigwashes)
o Antifoams / Deformers
o Corrosion Inhibitors
o Emulsifiers
o Foamers
o Solvents Biocides
o Drilling Detergents
o Scale Inhibitors
o Surfactants (including tensides & Wetters)
o Lubricants (including spotting fluids & torque reducers)

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